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Shopping for a home is something you should never do alone. It always helps to have a second pair of eyes to catch the little details — but more than anything, you need an ally on your side to help you find the right home and avoid the pitfalls of buying a home. That’s where working with a realtor in Winter Haven, FL comes in. Finding a realtor you can trust can make the home buying process painless, and protect you from seller scams.

Why You Need a Realtor

The benefits of a realtor are numerous. First, a local realtor knows the local Winter Haven market inside and out, and can immediately match you to prime listings based on your needs. Second, a realtor has the savvy eye to recognize problems with potential homes that the seller many not have disclosed. Third, a realtor is your ally in negotiating a beneficial deal, and knows real estate law inside and out to make sure your contract is ironclad and money changes hands fairly and equitably to ensure your home is ready to move in on the date you need it.

Meet Chrissi Jasso

With an extensive history in the Florida market, Chrissi Jasso has been recognized by top business innovators and institutions as one of the top real estate brokers in Florida. As a proud member of the 2016 Real Trends Wall Street Journal 1000 with a ranking in the nation’s top 250 real estate individuals by transaction, Chrissi has a proven track record of fair and honest dealings with home buyers and sellers. This has not only earned her a reputation for market savvy, honesty, and real estate expertise, but recognition as a top Polk County agent. Chrissi takes pride in a service-oriented attitude, and that professionalism and attitude leads to an average of 100 sales per year.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Home Investment

You can’t expect the average realtor in Winter Haven, FL to understand the sort of investment that goes into buying or selling a home. You often put your financial future at stake, and with such a delicate transaction you need someone familiar enough with the process to guide it with a steady hand and protect your investment in your future home. Chrissi Jasso will work with you to ensure the transaction goes smoothly, with complete transparency.

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